Little Caesars Media Plan

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Executive Summary
Little Caesars is estimated to be the fourth largest pizza chain in the United States. The chain was founded in 1959 by the Ilitch’s and is most famously known for its “Pizza! Pizza!” slogan. The brand has grown substantially since the 1990’s and is still continuing to rise to meets its competitors. Little Caesars is the largest carry out pizza chain in the country and is more recently well known for its Hot-N-Ready pizza promotion. Their menu is familiar and affordable and customer service is one of the brands many strengths. Although there have been many good things happening to Little Caesars in the past decade there are still things missing from the brand. There is little to no online presence, which could potentially attract a whole new group of consumers. Little Caesars competitors are also light years ahead of them when it comes to having the company online. Competitors are at an advantage over Little Caesars when it comes to brand awareness. Although Little Caesars is a well-recognized brand, due to the lack of online presence and dated websites it can’t keep up with pizza powerhouses like Pizza Hut and Domino’s. Throughout this media plan we will propose a new campaign that will bring in a new batch of customers for Little Caesars. We will increase the brand’s online presence, increase brand awareness and brand loyalty and suggest new ideas that will help increases sales throughout the county.

1. Situation Analysis

Company History
Little Caesars is a pizza chain in the United States that is most well known for their advertising catch phrase, “Pizza! Pizza!” The chain was founded on September 20, 1959 in a strip mall in Garden City, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit under the name “Little Caesars Pizza Treat” by Mike and Marian Ilitch. Little Caesars is currently best known for their “Hot-n-Ready” pizzas. The chain offers a variety of pizzas with popular toppings along with crazy bread, their version of breadsticks, and cheese bread, eight bread sticks covered in a garlic spread and Parmesan cheese. They’ve also begun selling chicken wings and a few other side dishes. Little Caesars has always prided themselves on selling their pizzas at much less of a cost than other pizza chains. Their “Hot-n-Ready” deal is a large pizza with one topping for $5. Although many stores closed in the mid to late 1990’s, they have experienced a large growth in franchises and are currently the number four-pizza chain in the nation and make up about 4.9% of pizza sales. Little Caesars operates mainly through family owned franchises. As of 2011 there were 3,500 stores open nation wide, making it the third largest growing chain in the U.S. Their company’s mission as stated on their website is, “To be the best take-home pizza chain by exceeding customer expectations with extraordinary value, great tasting products, and outstanding people while providing strong returns to our stakeholders.” (*Supported by Little Caesars website and Advertising Age article)

Little Caesars biggest competitors are Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. Pizza Hut dominates the fast food pizza industry having 18% of the market. Domino’s is next with 11.3% and Papa John’s is at 7.3%. Little Caesars is the only company with the $5 Hot-N-Ready deal but each of these companies have strengths that keep them at the top of the industry. Pizza Hut offers a dine-in service along with a delivery option, they are however more expensive and their product is not as readily available as Little Caesars. Domino’s has recently had a campaign in which they talk about the reinvention of their product and they also have a delivery option. Similar to Little Caesars, they have limited dine-in options and their campaigns do not focus on a specific product that they provide. Papa John’s has a memorable slogan out, “ Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.” They also have a visible person that the customer can associate with their brand. Although, Papa...
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