Litertature Review, Smoking Ban

Topics: Smoking ban, Passive smoking, Smoking Pages: 4 (1060 words) Published: January 23, 2008
Literature Review

The author has determined that literature related to the new no smoking legislation is relatively recent, due to the date the smoking legislation came into force in the UK (July 2007), however in light of this, not enough comprehensive research has been conducted on the effects the ban has had on the UK hospitality industry. Much of the existing literature comes from countries where similar smoking bans have been implemented. Due to the contemporary nature of the smoking ban, most of the literature has been utilised through reports and not based on academic publications.

Literature on the legislation is also controversial, with many conflicting viewpoints on whether the law will be either detrimental or beneficial to the hospitality industry. Before the author starts their own research, it is important to review all relevant literature to relate key readings to the authors work, moreover to develop a clear understanding of the topic area establishing theoretical viewpoints of issues and theories.

There are many arguments for and against a smoking ban, however the fact remains that the legislation has been implemented. Hospitality has always been a dynamic industry, fast paced and ever changing. The most successful businesses have always been the most adaptable to change, whether the changes are economic, demographic or on this case legal.

One major criticism of the no smoking legislation has been that it would be economically detrimental to the hospitality industry. In a report from Canada from when there was a partial smoking ban in place, Evans (2004) stated that the ‘economic impact' study offers definitive proof that smoking bans...will lead to widespread devastation throughout one of Canada's largest employment sectors – the hospitality industry. The study shows smoking bans in several Ontario cities have had a real and dramatic impact on revenue. This report was conducted by both The Fair Air Association of Canada (FAAC) and...
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