Literature Plan Ece 335

Topics: Early childhood education, Education, Kindergarten Pages: 5 (1699 words) Published: March 14, 2011
Literature Plan
Tene` S. Williams
EE 335
Professor Crystal Daniels
13 December

Literature Plan
As a child, I would image what my life would be like when I became a teacher. In this paper I will explore different developmentally appropriate approaching to teaching and learning. Having to gain knowledge from the early childhood text helped me to create what I consider to be the perfect literature plan. Preschool education is very important because this is their first experience towards twelve years of grade school. The knowledge they gather will increase as they grow and development. Preschool children are depending on their teachers’ to provide them with as much useful information as possible for them to succeed to the next level. According to Cyndi Giorgis and Joan Glazer “Good children’s literature contains freshness and honesty.  It may touch children’s emotions; it may stimulate their imaginations.  It may make them think about new ideas or thing about old ides in new ways,” (2009, p. 37). When selecting literature titles and media, the characteristics of the selections have to be representative of a preschool child. The characteristics includes: A clear, and engaging plot with an easy-to-follow sequence of events, memorable characters, vivid language that reflects the mood of the story, a truthful theme, quality illustrations that enhance the story, a respectful message about people, cultures, or race. As preschool children goes through different stages of development, they will start to realize how important their education is. At a preschool level, they have delinquent minds and will believe what they are told. It is up to the teacher to make sure students are grasping the information that is taught to them. The High/Scope approach gives the best examples of my philosophy of education (Morrison, 2009, p.149). In Chapter 6 of the text, the High/Scope approach is defined as an educational program for young children based on Piaget's intellectual development theory (Morrison, 2009, p.149). This program serves the best interest of the children and families. I would incorporate the features of the High/Scope approach in my classroom. This program consists of five elements: active learning, class arrangements, daily schedules, assessment, and the curriculum (p.150). Having a daily routine is very important and it supports active learning (Morris, 2009, p. 152).  As a teacher I will use my creativity to invent fun and exciting ways to assist students with the daily routine. Creating weekly themes and color schemes along with music, dance and play are a few ways to keep the classroom exciting. While the students are participating in the different activities/lessons, I will observe them. The documentation of how they interact will be kept in a portfolio. I would include all the key experiences which will provide information to help them improve. I want the children to gain a sense of independence in the classroom. I will encourage them to make their own decisions, and assist them when I see it is necessary. I think that all the programs serve children because they were created to assist children succeed. High/Scope serves the best interest because it supports developmentally appropriate, active learning experienced for each child, along with encourages decision making, creative expression, problem solving, language and literacy, and other emerging abilities (Morrison, 2009, p.151). Preschool children go through several different developmental approaches: physical and motor, social development, and cognitive and language development. Physical and motor development contributes to infant and toddlers’ intellectual and skill development. The children will cut out different shapes, and glue into a book. Once they glue the shapes to the pages, I will allow them use crayons, markers to label the shapes. They will be able to staple the book together I would also designate a day when the children will be able to...
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