How to Learn Kids Write and Read

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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In this essay I will be talking about how to teach reading and writing to a child in preschool. Teachers felt rushed by the parents, because they want to accelerate learning in class. We must be patient, because they are children and children understand and learn at their own pace. We should not hurry them to do or make things at the pace that we adults want. Reading activities that are age appropriate encourage the child's love of reading and in turn will provide a basis for obtaining capacity. We write down our observations and share them with parents or managers, because by this we will achieve an appropriate program for the successful development of children, educating them and inviting them to collaborate with the teacher.

If I as an educator read to my kids in class, active in them the most important component which is literacy. To teach a child to read me as a teacher I choose stories and readings that are of high quality, containing illustrations that are simple, but brilliant illustrations that will draw attention and invite them to want to learn. I use big books so they can view your content with ease. We must teach the parts of the book and I will show how to read, that is, from left to right and from top to bottom in order. To encourage reading, I will ask the children about what their thinking about what might be going on that reading based on the illustration of the book cover. This exercise will encourage listening skills while children presented words, memorize them and learn to recognize them. When I point out individual letters, I'm teaching children to recognize and understand the words that are made up of letters. Whenever I do the sound and mention the name of the letter. This will achieve the child gets what I'm saying in his head and in his memory.

When my kids start writing will make an important connection that reading and writing will enable them to communicate their thoughts and ideas. Before my children write letters, I as a...
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