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Topics: Early childhood education, Head Start Program, Administration for Children and Families Pages: 6 (1981 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Head start begin in 1965 when President Lyndon B. Johnson and chief R. Sergeant Shriver launched a fan fare with the confidence that preschool would improve a child road to success. This program was geared to serve poor children around the nation which gave lasting benefits to children all around. The benefits that were offered for head start would help children’s educational, social and health background. A new program has come about which gave many opportunities for teachers, parents and children to become active in the head start program for many years to follow (Glazer, 1993).

Almost immediately all head start implemented the curriculum of dental health to show and guide children the importance of dental hygiene. According to ( Administration for children, 1994) The majority of the curriculum guide is devoted to the following lesson plans: (1) "Introduction of 'Smiley the Super Pup'," an optional puppet character which may be used to review the concepts covered in each lesson; (2) "Visiting the Dentist"; (3) "Awareness of the Mouth"; (4) "The Important Functions of the Mouth"; (5) "The Importance of Keeping Teeth and Gums Clean"; (6) "Tooth brushing"; (7) "The Importance of Fluoride and Sealants"; (8) "Wise Food Choices for a Healthy Mouth"; (9) "Keeping Teeth Safe"; and (10) "Reinforcement Activities for Dental Health.

Fulfilling the needs of preschoolers is every parents dream and what better way to do that s with the information developed for head start to give children the opportunity to get an early intervention program that helps disadvantage and culturally diverse children from the 1960’s to the present( sandel, 1991). Parent involvement is one of the key elements that are stress throughout the head start program. This is an effective element in the development of a child's early relationships, interests, and language.

Early reading is important aspect for all children to grasp the aspect of learning literature within the head start curriculum. This learning literature offered by Montana early Literacy Project. They have used a control group designs to show the effects of skill development in preschool children participating in a classroom, using the MELP model as a supplement to the traditional head start curriculum n=14. Results were compared to children who participated in the tradition head start curriculum n=15( Lucy., Kelly, Jepson, van, & al (2004). This journal summarizes the aspect of emotional and behavioral supports that teachers give to their student’s when they enter into the head start program. Teachers who teach tend to give a warm, sensitive, and responsive style to validate their emotional experience that they have with their students. Teachers foster a sense of security that supports active engagement in classroom and learning activities. High-quality teaching fosters cognitive, behavioral, and social-emotional skills and has both interpersonal and instructional features (Howes et al., 2008; Kontos, Burchinal, Howes, Wisseh, & Galinsky, 2002; Pianta, 2003; La Paro, Pianta, & Stuhlman, 2004). (Domitrovich, Gest, Gill, Bierman, Welsh, & Jones, D. 2009).

Small evaluations of the impact of study of head start have been reported in robust literature of health and human services which used an experimental design to sample children in heads tart to evaluate the program. The Impact Study shows that head start has positive immediate-term effects, but these effects have been described as "disappointingly small" (Besharov, 2005). It also shows that the effects of head start fade out quickly. The Impact Study has rekindled an intense policy debate over the future of head start, and has led to increased calls for change. (Koedel & Techapaisarnjaroenkit, 2012).

According to (Huang, 1998) to explore the human side of the enduring and successful head start educational program, Mills (From Pocahontas to Power Suits, LJ 3/IS/97) visited centers around the country, from inner-city Los Angeles...
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