Lisa Benton

Topics: Academic degree, Given names, Management Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: March 4, 2012
Why has Lisa not been effective in influencing her boss?

Lisa Benton has not been given the opportunity to display her skills or knowledge.For example, Ron Scoville the associate product manager, who did not have a degree was put incharge of grooming Lisa Benton, was resentful of her having a MBA from Harvard and probablyliving with the mind set that he may soon lose his job to someone with a degree in the near future. He was giving Lisa Benton assignments that required no display of business knowledge.Ron Scoville was misleading Lisa Benton from the beginning taking away her self-confidence bytelling her he was not impressed with people who had a MBA degree, especially those fromHarvard. During the first meeting he implied that the company had many rules he expected her tofollow such as not speaking out during meeting until she had been with the company for at leasesix months or more, and he always spoke to her in a condescending manner.Deborah Linton the product manager and Lisa Benton¶s boss who did not have a degree afelt the same as her associate product manager Ron Scoville about people with their MBA.Shetold Lisa Benton try not to be a know it all, in meetings and that she should listen and learn.When Lisa did summon the courage to speak out during a meeting, Deborah and Ron wouldaccuse her of being a ³cocky´ MBA. Deborah Linton did not give Lisa Benton any objectivesthat she would be expected to reach with in a certain time period. At lease Lisa Benton and RonScoville were honest in expressing their feelings toward people working at the company andhaving a MBA and about the time they wanted her to spend at work during the week.

What incidents could she have handled differently?

The typing incident could have been handled differently. For instance,Lisa Benton couldhave explained the situation to her boss and asked for permission to make the correction. Byreporting to her boss that she had caught the error and was willing to take the time to...
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