“a Matter of Personality”

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  • Published : December 3, 2011
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“A Matter of Personality”

“A Matter of Personality”
Henry Wallace is being working for five years at ZEEBEE’S ELECTRONICS, as a store manager, his sales have been rated as “below average”. His boss Sue Sutterwhite is being with the company for 12 years and five of those she was rate it as excellent as store manager, she develop a great set of skills like personality, and the true interest in workers and customers leading her to increase her sales to be the highest in the region. Sutterwhite watch Wallace managed a situation with a customer who want to return a damage item and he did not fallow the store return policy because he believe that accepting this return will end on a loss to the company. Sutterwhite is afraid that his lack of managerial skill will lead to loss of customers, she explained and try to show him the customers view and reinforced the company return policy which said “customer can to return any items with a receipt, within 10 days of purchase for a full return or an exchange for an item of equal value”, also confront him about his poor store sales. Throughout the conversation he never took responsibility for his lack of leadership and personality. Instead he said there were problems in the inventory control and motivation of personal. Sutterwhite spoke to some employees and their perception is that they do not care about Wallace as a manager and instead they see him as an uncaring person. She decided before leaving the store to documented the information and notify him that she have decide to allowing to improve changes in the sales for 3 month or he will have to be replace.

1. What type of personality characteristics should you expect to find in a successful store manager? Why are each important to the manager’s success? Compare them to the personality traits exhibited by Wallace. A. A successful manager should have a set of skills as a problem solver, positive assertiveness, strong leadership, superior emotional intelligence,...
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