Life and Tree

Topics: Life, René Descartes, Evolution Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: May 7, 2008
The movie Mindwalk, talks about interconnections, relationships, life, ethics, values. The movie gives a message that we should change our perspective to look at things. We should completely change the way we see the world, that is we need to understand that all problems are simply fragments of one single crisis, the crisis of perception. We need to change our system. The system thinks about intervention and not about prevention. Our world lacks vision, perspective, interconnectedness and relationships. We need to improve our education system. We need to understand that we are the one’s responsible for our acts if no matter if we are involved directly or indirectly in the consequence of our actions. The movie talks about how people like Descartes, Newton changed the perspective of whole world. Descartes believed that he does not need anyone to tell him how world functions because he thinks world is just a machine. He even considered human body as a machine. Similarly Newton mathematical system established itself as correct theory of reality and ultimately law of nature. It brought many benefits and people were able to do things which they were not able to do earlier. Hence the old notion of world as a living organism swept away and world was assumed like a machine. In the movie Sonia (the scientist) talks about system theory as the theory of living systems. She wants people to concentrate on system as a whole instead on concentrating on pieces. The example which she uses is how a Cartesian will look at tree. He will look at tree and conceptually analyze the pieces, but he would never understand the nature of the tree. A system thinker on other hand would look at tree and see the seasonal exchange between tree and earth, earth and sky. A system thinker will look at tree and see life of a tree only in relation to life of whole forest, and would see tree as home for insects, habitat for birds. So system theory in this example recognized web of relationships as...
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