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Paprika is a novel that was written by Yasutaka Tsuitsui in the year 1993 and published in Japan. In 2006, Satoshi Kon co wrote and produced an animated film on the same storyline by Yasutaka. In the opening of the movie, the audience does not know it yet but, it is a dream that shows Paprika in the head of a detective called Toshimi Konakawa. Paprika is a dream detective and his present case entails finding what is causing the detective’s nervousness fixation. The surveillance starts in a big circus but soon it thaws into Tarzan and Jane, from the movie of Tarzan, before flashing through scenes of other films. The peak comes when after arriving too late at a murder scene, Konakawa wakes up screaming (Tsuitsui). A voice is heard asking to know more.

Paprika is about a set of brilliant researchers who are designing a device called the DC Mini with the main purpose of designing being the ability to literally go into their patient’s dreams and record them (Tsuitsui). The reason behind this kind of research is to allow the scientists a chance to try a different approach in therapy. The audience is however not given a chance to see much of this because the team discovers that someone has stolen the devices prototype. This meant that the DC Mini device could be used by deceitful thief to probe the mind of any patient or even doctor as long as they were hooked on any other computer that was connected to the device. Dr. Atsuko Chiba then decides uses her alter-ego Paprika and enters the dream world to discover the culprit behind the stolen stereotype (Tsuitsui). Social issues

The whole movie is based on the creation of a device that is meant to help people work through their personal issues. In the society, people are encouraged to help each other to work out their troubles. The scientists develop the device to help in the management of different issues that affect the mind and in turn help their patients go back to their normal lives. For instance, when the movie starts, Paprika is in the head of Konakawa trying to help him get over his uneasiness (Tsuitsui).

At the same time, like any other community, there are always those who go against what society expects of them. In this case, somebody steals the DC mini and uses it to destroy anybody who is connected to it (Tsuitsui). There are cases of different people being destroyed by the DC mini. For example there is a case where the departmental chief Doctor Torataro jumps out of the window and nearly dies. The key characters work together in a bid to try and find the culprit as they suspect it is an inside job. This shows the unity that should otherwise exist in a community.  In the eyes of the society, one might be compelled to hide his/her true identity to avoid any form of shunning or judgment. In Paprika, Dr. Atsuko Chiba is displayed as a stern and professional doctor her field of work. This is so despite the fact that her alter ego paprika is described as an adventurous and wild as a dream detective (Tsuitsui). Just like in the social order, most people hide their true nature just like Dr. Chiba did. Paprika deals with the social issue of doing what people consider as a norm by offering an alternative to a strict life.

Another issue that ails the society is male chauvinism. The movie paprika revolves around the alter ego of a woman, Dr. Chiba, but the movie starts with a man in the middle of the scene and ends in the same manner with the same man. Regardless of what a woman does, some societies will not give the due respect. This is will not happen when a man is in the picture. In Paprika, Dr. Chiba is the heroine but emphasis is brought on a man with a smaller role. For example, detective Konakawa Toshimi is given a larger role as he helps in finding the thief. He is not seen as a main character in the movie but he is used as the backbone of the movie (Tsuitsui).

The characters in paprika, even the villains are...
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