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Project Context
In today’s rapid growth of industries, technology makes our lives much easier and does things with accuracy.   Computer is perfect example of technology that was made a great impact in the society. After the effectiveness of the technology had recognized, it caught the attention of different industries. The technology had utilized to help students and faculty to perform much better on what they do. One possible function of this technology was library management system that could provide necessary book information in borrowing and returning books. This system allowed the management to enter in a new book record and retrieved the details of books available in the library. Issuing, returning of books, and maintaining records were some of the capabilities of this system. It recorded all the necessary information needed such as inventory, number of books borrowed and the available books left in the library. This system provided a concrete transaction regarding library resources to ensure the efficiency of the process. It can offer to its borrower through providing functions that help the management to organize all the data needed in executing in the transactions like returning and borrowing of books. It has an inventory records for books for the assurance of its availability.

Statement of the Problems
Managing a library was definitely a hard task and had needed a lot of time especially when all the transactions were recorded manually like in Library Hub Gapan Division. A borrower should fill up a slip when borrowing and returning books in the Library Hub. Librarian or assistant librarian recorded it on the log book. In this kind of process, the borrowers experienced difficulty in finding books because there were thousand books on the list. Through the systems search function, finding for a specific book became a simple task. It also needed more efforts for both staff and borrower to know if there were enough books to borrow. The library management system provided the number of existing books to ensure its availability. The staff found it hard to make reports and record all transactions because they needed to update every transaction manually. This was eliminated by using the system’s print functions that provided the printed reports in just a click.

General Objective
The general objective of this project is to create a Library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division.
Specific Objectives
Library Management System should be able to:
* provide book reference and its location through a search engine function for
the library staff and borrowers;
* provide computerized transaction such as borrowing and returning of books; and * print book records such as borrowed, unreturned, and masters list of books. Scope and Limitation
This study developed a Library Management System for Library Hub Gapan Division in Gapan Nueva Ecija. This Library System automates the basic library functions to aid in the day-to-day operations of the library. It has different type of accounts like the Administrator and User account. The system has log history, backup, and restores function. It allowed the borrowing and returning of books, as well as printing the records of returned and borrowed books. It had a reset function for account password and could change log in information if necessary. The system provided the book status such as total number of replaced, repaired, and damaged books. The system had no transaction fee or fines for the overdue borrowers. The users could not create their own account. Only the administrator has the full control in the system most especially when updating all the records. In printing of reports, sorting of record is done monthly. It is not capable of printing records with different months at the same time.

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