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Topics: Microsoft, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access Pages: 9 (1984 words) Published: January 30, 2013
Amir Lackna Information Technology Implementing a Computerized System at the Antigua State College Book Store

Name: Amir Lackna

School: Antigua State College

Centre #: 010201

Candidate #: 0102012741

Subject: Information Technology

Teacher: Mr.Kwasi Tonge

Date of Submission: Thursday 8th February 2012


Table of Contents
1.1Chapter 22
1.3Chapter4 2
2Problem Definition3
3Technique of Analysis Used5
3.1Methods used- The methods used in this analysis are:5
3.1.1Method 1- Questionnaire5
3.1.2Method 2- Interview5
3.2Identification of Possible Solutions6
3.2.1 Microsoft Excel6
3.2.2 MicroSsoft Access6
3.3Evaluation of Possible Solutions7
3.3.1 Micro Soft Excel7
3.3.2 Micro Soft Access7
4Most Feasible Solution8
4.1 Micro Soft Access8
5Chapter 5 Justification of Solution9
6Chapter 6 Conclusion10
7 Appendix10


This research project is based on implementing a computerized software system at the book store of the Antigua State Collage. The outline below outlines the contents of each chapter. Chapter2- It highlights the Problem Definition in detail, and history, also outlining the minor and major problems faced by the establishment presently, and possible solution, for the problems faced. Chapter3- The analysis gives detail about three methods used in the gathering of information. Chapter4- It highlights the two possible solutions for the problem. Chapter5- This justifies the solution which has been chosen. Chapter6- This concludes how the computerize information system would benefits the book store. Chapter7- An appendix of the questionnaire, observation and interview with the answers respectively, along with the Ghantt Chart.

Chapter 2
Problem Definition

For the past five years the book store of the Antigua State College have been in existence, by providing service to the college of the college by the selling of book and any other school related materials. Also the book store have been assisting the tutor’s by also providing text books and reference book’s to help in the aid of tutoring classes.

The Antigua State Collage sorted the assistance of an analyst to conduct a study on the book store of the Antigua State College. An interview was conducted with the book manager; seeking information on how effective and accurate is the information when the data is collected, processed and stored.

The Antigua State College book store is using pen and book to record data. Initially there are two books in the retrieval of information. One of the books is used as a balance book, showing the amount of books sold per day, in which it has to be ruled up daily as students purchased books, and are balanced weekly for the total books sold. When a student would purchased a specific book, required information is needed and must be written such as; First and last name, E-mail address, student ID number, date, price, and also receipt showing book was bought from the book store.

Students complained daily on details on prices of different books that are not available when ask upon request, because the information with these details are not kept in the book store but rather with the book keeper which usually comes to work late. Also students complain of the process of collecting and storing of information because some students have found different miscalculated errors or misspelt words in their file.

An additional book is used in the stock storage department for the amount of books ordered from distributors, time, dates, and receipts on each books, also prices and taxes on each book. This information which has been stored in this book, for the retrieval of information, has caused numerous...
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