Lexus Assignment

Topics: Lexus, Luxury vehicle, Automotive industry Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: December 31, 2012

DATE: 26TH DEC 2012
Q1: Could U.S manufacturers apply the same approach as Toyota to build such a car? Why or why not? What might be some obstacles?

ANS: U.S manufacturers could adopt the same strategy as Toyota: * U.S manufacturer have resources and skill that can also develop cars similar to Toyota and have the credential to do so. All they require is re-engineering their system. Develop cars that are fuel efficient, small, stylish and affordable while increasing the horse power and speed . Why it should adopt the same approach as Toyota:

* As inflation is increasing, fossil fuel sources are depleted to the verge of extinction and environmental factor keeping in view U.S manufacturers should develop cars similar to Toyota. Why it should not adopt the same approach as Toyota:

* U.S manufacturers are known for their brand and people long for these expensive cars as they have became style symbol. * It might be risky to develop cars that are fast, luxurious and reliable while reducing prices and fuel consumption. Getting all these result simultaneously is not that easy and sometimes impossible. They might have to compromise in some areas to get inexpensive fuel efficient car. * It would be very expensive to start such a product line. Obstacles for U.S manufacturers in adopting same approach as Toyota: If they adopt Toyota’s approach they will lose their uniqueness which makes them a style symbol. Conclusion:

Keeping present and future external environment in view U.S manufacturers should follow the footsteps of Toyota while innovating different car that are acceptable by the environment both social and economic and supersede Toyota.

Q2: Do you think Lexus can obtain an image similar to that of the BMW and Mercedes cars?

ANS: Lexus is luxury car but it hasn’t...
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