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Topics: Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Automotive industry Pages: 4 (1215 words) Published: April 21, 2013
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Why buy an American made vehicles you ask? I’ll tell you why because buying American made vehicles creates American made jobs. Everyone knows that American made vehicle’s make a distinctive sound. Take for instance the Ford mustang and the Chevy corvette. Who doesn’t like the sound of these vehicles or design? A few things I will discuss about American made manufactures will be the quality they put forth in designing these vehicles, the job security it helps with in America and how American manufactures have now stepped up to the plate with their new innovated designs for the auto industry.

Let’s take it a step further J.D. Power & Associates recently released their results of the "2012 dependability survey". This survey ranked 37 different automakers based upon how many complaints Vehicle owners reported. To no surprise the survey showed that two of the top four ranking vehicles were held by luxury car makers Lexus, Porsche you can’t argue that. But right behind them followed two American car makers Lincoln and Cadillac that’s 2 out of 4 for America. Slide 2 Here is a graph on how America made Quality vehicles compared to the foreign vehicle makers. Look people it speaks for itself here are the true facts.

J.D. Power and Associates study of the quality of American made vehicles shows that American made vehicles have been produced with better quality since the 1999 study. Both foreign and domestic car makers have steadily declined in their quality but still holding strong Domestics are still on top. Slide 3

A U.S. News report showed that Ford and GM have increased their customer satisfaction over the past five years and have been rated the highest of all vehicle manufactures in the past two years in a row. With Ford at 87% and GM at 84.5% these studies don’t lie they come from real customers and real vehicle owners. American’s can and do build quality and with quality you get a product that last longer and is more dependable....
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