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Marketing Plan for the Volkswagen AG|
Strategic situation of the company|

Author: Patryk Borkowski 144008

30th May 2012

AP Degree in Marketing Management Author: Patryk Borkowski 144008 Assignment: Final Project Supervisor: Erik Løvgren Brejner Characters: 94 568Submitted: 30th of May 2012|

1. Introduction3
1.1 Purpose of the project3
1.2 Problem formulation3
1.3 Delimitation3
1.4 Methodology4
1.4.1 Quality assessment and source criticisms4
2. Situational analysis4
2.1 Internal marketing audit5
2.1.1 Marketing Mix 4P5
2.1.2 Porter’s Generic Strategies9
2.1.3 Product Life Cycle10
2.1.4 Boston Consulting Group Growth – Share Matrix11
2.1.5 Value Chain13
2.1.6 Ansoff Growth Strategies20
2.2 External situation of the company20
2.2.1 PEEST analysis20
2.2.2 Porter’s Five Forces25
2.3 SWOT analysis27
3. Cultural analysis of Poland28
4. Market Research32
5. Consumer buying behavior38
6. Conclusion41

Figure 1: Product Life Cycle of the Volkswagen Beetle11
Figure 2 Sales of automobile brands in Poland:22
SWOT analysis of the Volkswagen27

1. Introduction
The Volkswagen Group is one of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers and the largest carmakers in Europe. Company owns ten car brands from seven European countries : Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania and MAN. Besides automotive industry, company operates also in financial sector. Every car brand operates as independent unit with unique portfolio. Products are differentiated from low-consumption small cars to luxury one. Commercial vehicle sector offers ranges from pick-ups to buses made by Volkswagen and heavy trucks made by MAN and Scania. Firm has 94 production plants around entire Europe and 8 in the Americas, Africa and Asia. Labour power is estimated to 501,956 workers worldwide and production to 34,500 vehicles every single day. The Volkswagen Group exists in 153 countries so far. Project describes company strategic situation and includes marketing plan of the Volkswagen. (The Group) 1.1 Purpose of the project

The purpose of the final project is to analyze the Volkswagen brand situation and overall performance on Polish market. Materials supplied by The Group allow making detailed research on European market including products descriptions and sales. In order to evaluate, marketing plan should be made. 1.2 Problem formulation

The main problem of the project is:
‘What is Volkswagen strategic situation on Polish market?

To answer the main problem more additional problems have to be formulated: - What is company current internal and external situation?
- What is the buyer behavior for specified products?
- How other brands from The Volkswagen Group influence Volkswagen? - Which media shall Volkswagen use to promote their products? 1.3 Delimitation
A materials obtained from the Volkswagen Group contain products available in Polish, therefore products from other markets are not considered. Country in which Volkswagen will be analyzed is Poland. Economic figures and ratios only from 2010 and 2011 are considered in this project. Law issues like TORT, trademarks are not considered in this project. Capital investment is also not conducted in this project. Targeting, segmenting and positioning is also not consider. 1.4 Methodology

To find out company current internal and external situation it was decided to use various marketing models. Current internal situation was examined using desk research method basing on secondary data obtained from The Group. Annual...
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