Let: High School and Small Town School

Topics: High school, Twelfth grade, English-language films Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Mrs. Graves
Composition 1
12 April 2012
Let’s Build a New Sports Complex
Seeing my sister come home with a black eye brought back bad memories from my childhood to me. As I was growing up I went to a small town school named Spearsville High School with around two-hundred and ten children from pre-school to twelfth grade, every day I was picked, spit, and beat on. No one realized how others were doing on to me, they only realized and saw the things I was doing on to them. We had no security, no rules that stuck down and had consequences that mattered, everyone there came and did as they pleased. I am not the only child that has been bullied; it happens to everyone.

We really don’t see or realize how our children are being treated or how endangered they really are without better security. Building a new sports complex with better security and a safer environment for our children to play in, gives us all a chance to stop worrying about if they are safe or not. Hot Springs should build a new sports complex because we need a safe, secure environment for children, and the city will gain revenue.

“They tried to persuade the members to, of all things, take the lead in trying to sell the public - presumably, residents of a predominantly African-American neighborhood in Orlando - that it would be a good thing to have a sports complex developed right on top of their neighborhood.” I think it is good idea to sell off some of the other buildings to pay for a sports complex because the children in our community need a safe place to go and not just the children but the adults too. “The complex is one of several amenities that Mr. Gary, a Glen Burnie High School graduate, has proposed for North County.” Having this actually happen would be a great thing because there wouldn’t be so many young teens roaming the streets and there wouldn’t be so many crimes out there. “Most mornings, students arrive early at City Springs Elementary/Middle School to throw a...
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