Project Proposal for Construction of a School Play Area

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  • Published : March 8, 2010
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Project TitleConstruction of Charles School Play Area

LocationSouth playground at Charles Primary School, 2325 Charles Street, Mutare Manicaland Primary Objectives1.To construct a school play area at Charles Primary School. 2.To provide a safe play area which encourages healthy mental and physical development.

Secondary Objectives1.To create employment in terms of the staffing for the school play area.

Major Activities Planned1.Planning-Project proposal writing; 1-7 December 2009 2.Designing of school play area; 8-15 December 2009
3.Construction;16Dec-14Jan 2010
4.Completion; 15 January 2010
Number of beneficiaries70 children (1-7years)

Time Scale6 weeks (1December-15January 2010

BudgetTotal project budget - xxxxx


School play areas should be stimulating, creative and exciting places to play, they should not only capture a child’s imagination but should also provide a safe area which encourages healthy mental and physical development. The philanthropist’s donation of USD50 000 goes some way to encouraging better play facilities.

Play sustains the healthy development of children. When children play, gross motor skills including walking, jumping and kicking will be strengthened, hand/eye-coordination can be developed through throwing a bull, whilst kicking a ball will help with balance (Rodham, 2009)

By allowing children time to play, social skills will be enhanced as they form groups of friends.


The Charles Primary School play area Project is a pilot project to create a secure playground that accommodates 70 children at one time, none of whom are disabled. The School has no existing play area, but a Virgin land has been secured south of the school. Both grass playfields and concreted playfields will be constructed. The school play area will be decorated by native plantings, and Park-like areas with benches constructed out of bamboo.

Funding for the project is part of a donation of USD50 000 to the organisation to build a number of outdoor play areas at schools for children aged 1-7 years without such facilities.

Charles Primary School play area project is a pilot project, south of the school. The school has no existing play area, but it has a virgin land measuring 22mby 18m. This school, similar to many schools in the district, is in need of renovation. The organisation will use part of the USD50 000 to construct a school play area for the school.

There are numerous advantages of outdoor play. School play area sustains the healthy development of children. Children’s motor skills such as jumping and kicking can be strengthened. During play, there is also development of hand-eye coordination, for example, when children throw a bull to a ring or defined point. School play areas enhance social skills such as sharing and caring.

Use of the school play area is not limited to schools only, but these can be used by the communities, hence they can be a source of revenue for the school. The school playground provides leisure and entertainment both to school children and the extended members of the community. This occupies children during their free/play time, hence reduces social delinquency. The play facilities nurture children’s talents and skills. Furthermore, children in most cases, follow rules and regulations pertaining to each play station, hence, there is inculcation of discipline. Apart from providing children with a play area, the project creates employment to the local community. It is out of these numerous advantages, that the organisation finds it...
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