Unit 1/Cu1941

Topics: Childhood, Play, Learning Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Unit 1/CU1941

1. Explain the innate drive for children and young people to play

Almost all beings will ‘play’ at some point in their development. It is the way we naturally prepare ourselves for life. A great example of how this drive is not just human is kittens fighting, playing or being curious just as we do. As a child or young person you are intrinsically motivated, this is where we are driven by the enjoyment or interest in the task. Key factors in a child’s play would be; curiosity, social contact, physical activity and independence.

2. Analyse how play is necessary for all children and young people’s development and wellbeing

There are many pressures we face in adult life. Playing helps us to develop many of the skills we will use to help us in later in life such as problem solving, handling conflict, decision-making and even coping with feelings. Playing is something we will always do to help us move on to the next stage in our life, for example, a baby will swing his arms or legs around, a toddler will run, or jump and a young child will be slightly more organised with use of toys or creating. Playing is necessary for all children to help with cognitive growth, physical health, and everyday experiences.

3. Explain the importance of a team approach to supporting children and young people to create a play space

The first thing to identify is that there are different types of play space; transient, permanent, physical and affective. A room could be broken up into areas for each of these types. To create a play space the team would have to interact and agree on different aspects and everybody’s skills would be used and combined. Using a team would mean that different needs would be recognised and tended to and therefore a better environment for playing would be created.

4. Explain the role of playworkers acting as advocates for play

As playing is so important in a child’s development a playworker...
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