Lesson Plan Year 3

Topics: Reading, Question, Dyslexia Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: March 18, 2013

Subject: English Language
Date: 8th March 2016
Class: 3 Baik
Time: 8.00 am – 9.00 am
Enrolment: 25 students (10 Boys and 15 Girls)
Theme: World of Knowledge
Topic: Pet’s World
Focus Skill: Listening and Reading
Other skills: Speaking, Writing

Curriculum Specifications:
1.3.1 Listen to and understand phrases on stories, recounts and descriptions heard. 2.2.3 Ask questions to seek clarification on how to make or do things, on places, directions and on amounts and quantities.

2.3.3 Talk about things heard, seen, read
3.4.1 Read aloud phrases and sentences, pronouncing them correctly

Previous Knowledge: Pupils have learned the names of domestic animals

Learning Outcomes: Pupils will be able to
1. Read at least 4 short sentences correctly in the text with guidance of teacher. 2. Identify at least three birds based on the description given. 3. Able to create a mask of a parrot following instructions.

Steps / Stage| Content| Teaching-Learning Strategies| Remarks| Set Induction(5 minutes) | Instructional Language:1. Class, what am I holding in my hands? Expected answer: Picture / Bird2. Can you tell me, what is in this picture? Expected answers: Bird / Parrot4. Have you ever seen a parrot? Expected answer: Yes / No. 5. Do you wish to have a parrot as your pet? Expected answer: Yes / No..| 1. Teacher draws pupils’ attention with a picture of a bird / parrot (appendix 1). 2. Pupils are given time to study the pictures. 3. Teacher guides pupils to answer some questions based on the pictures given. 4. Pupils are expected to give appropriate responses based on the questions asked. * Study a picture * Discussion| AVA : - pictureCCTS:- Identifying information / Appendix:1Moral value:Love our birds / pets.MI: * Interpersonal| DevelopmentStep 1(Presentation)(15 minutes)| Question in the task sheet (appendix 2 b):“A bird is a...
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