Unit 207

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Personal Account.

During a science lesson in class 2, I was observing a little group of 6 pupils. The learning activity was the pupils planting some seeds in plant pots and then drawing a plant and labelling it. During the lesson a had to communicate with the other teaching assistant to explain which seeds were in which pots and when I needed the water for the plants. She needed to know this because she was labelling the plant pots with the name of what seed was inside. We did this because plants need different types of care so she also wrote what care the plant needed on each label. Both me and the teaching assistant were then going to plant these plants with the pupils outside.

In the lesson I was asked by the class teacher to watch each child and write brief notes about what the pupils achieved and what they struggled with. The teacher wanted to know this because she wanted to check how the pupils were progressing in this subject. After we had completed the learning activity me and the pupils sat down and discussed what we had just done, I asked the pupils what the enjoyed about the task and what they hadn’t enjoyed. I then wrote all this down in brief notes to show the teacher.

Once the pupils had gone for dinner I had a informal chat with the classroom teacher about each of the pupils. I showed her my notes and explained them in a bit more detail. During the meeting she also wrote notes of her own about each pupil. She asked me how I thought the lesson had gone and what I would improve. I thought the lesson went well but I did say that more of the pupils should of got the chance to plant the seeds. I also gave my opinion on one of the pupils. I said I think that pupil A needed extra help in all lesson because they were struggling with simple task. This pupil A is someone I work with each day I am there. I also suggested that the teacher watch this pupil or work with them in one lesson and check if am right about them struggling. During this meeting...
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