Lesson Plan Celta Aims and Objective

Topics: Language, Phonology, International Phonetic Alphabet Pages: 4 (297 words) Published: March 1, 2013
[pic]Cambridge CELTA Lesson Plan

Trainee: Date: 29th Jan 2012 TP no: 4

Level: Intermediate E3 Lesson length: 40mins

Materials: Cutting Edge Int p80 – p81 (ex 3)
Aim(s): Practice vocabulary and speaking about things of importance.

| | |Objectives: (by the end of the lesson learners will be able to/will have practised) | | | |Have been introduced to the meaning, pronunciation, written form of key vocabulary | | | |State what they would like to be famous for | | | |Know the meaning of pre taught vocab | | | |Pronounce vocab | | | |Differentiate vocab...
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