Lesson Plan Unit 3 Ctlls

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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Session Plan

Date:14th February 2013Time:6.30pmDuration:15 minutes

Location of Class: *************Course: CTLLS

Course Aims:To enable learners to understand the meaning of SMART goals and how they can use them to set their own goals |Timing |Session Title and Learning Outcome |Required Resources and Activities |Teacher Activities | |Assessment | | |The learner will: | | |Learner Activities | | |18:30 |Introduction, Health and Safety |Projector and Screen. |Discuss with class fire exits and any |Listen and understand introduction. |Oral questions. | | |Information and Ground Rules. |Power Point Presentation. |health and safety issues. Explain ground |Discussion. |Speaking and Listening. | | | |Hand out of Power Point. |rules. | |Assessing learner’s concentration and | | | | | | |attention span. | |18:31 |Obtain and discuss information regarding |Projector and Screen. |Explanation and discussion. |Listening, observing, discuss and ask |Oral questioning. | | |lessons aims and objectives. |Power Point...
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