Lesson Plan Addition and Subtraction of Fraction

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  • Published: October 18, 2010
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Lesson 3
Topic: Fractions
Subtopic: Addition and Subtraction of Fractions

A set of paper strips with words written on it
Fish bowl

To guess the word written on the paper strip
To practice patience and understanding to those who can not get the answer correctly

Control of Error

The teacher will introduce the activity and give the instruction on what to do. •She will ask for 5 pairs of volunteers from the class. One volunteer will pick a paper strip from the bowl and the other will guess the word. Then they will exchange places. If they can get the answer correctly, they will receive a prize.

Work by 4’s

A set of fraction paper strips
A box

To add similar and dissimilar fractions
To participate actively in the activity

Control of Error
Key cards
The class will form groups of 4 members.
The group will discuss the steps in adding fractions.
Each member will get 1 paper strip from the box.
They will add the fractions on the paper strips.
Then they will do LAS 1a – 1c.

Learning Activity Sheet 1a
Add the following fractions. Express the sum to lowest term if needed.

3/6 + 2/6
3/13 + 4/13
2/9 + 6/9
4/16 + 12/16
6/17 + 5/17
6/12 + 8/12
5/15 + 7/15
2/7 + 11/7
8/5 + 6/5
4/14 + 6/14

Learning Activity Sheet 1b
Let’s solve this fraction pyramid! Add the shapes that are connected.

Learning Activity Sheet 1c
Solve the following word problems using AGOSA.

1. Sam went to the bookstore to find books on sale. Yesterday, she bought 4/12 dozen of books. Today, she bought 3/6 dozen of books. How many dozens of book did she buy?

2. She wants to preserve her books so she bought plastic wrapper. She already has 28/8 meters. She still needs to buy 26/6 meters. How many meters of plastic wrapper did she need?

3. It takes 3/2 hours to travel by bus from...
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