Lesson Plan Format for Math Fractions

Topics: Division, Elementary arithmetic, Fraction Pages: 5 (598 words) Published: December 31, 2012
Simple Fractions (Grade 1)

I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to: 1. Identify simple fractions.
2. Shade the given figure based from the given fractions. 3. Appreciate the beauty of one’s work and demonstrate neatness in one’s work.

I. Subject Matter:

Topic: Simple Fractions

Reference: Comprehensive Curriculum of Basic Skills Grade 1

Author: Dawn Downs Purney

Pages: Page 429 - 435

Materials: Sky Flakes, Poster, Work sheets, Paper, Computer/LCD for powerpoint presentation (if available.)

Skills: Identify fractions (cognitive), Coloring (psychomotor), Appreciate the beauty of one’s work (affective)

Concepts: Fractions

II. Procedure:

A. Preparatory Activity/Review:

Teacher’s Activities Pupils’ Activities

What can you observe from the poster? (Answers will vary)

1 Lesson Proper

2 Motivation

Teacher: Class, what is this? A cracker. This is a whole cracker.
Do you also eat cracker? Yes/No, Madam. I know you are hungry, so we’ll take a bite. Do you know that I can share this one whole
cracker with two persons? Yes/No, Madam. See these divisions here? I can cut along these lines so I can share the two pieces with
another two persons.

1. Presentation

If I cut this cracker along the dotted
lines, what do I have now? Three pieces of the cracker.

These three pieces are all part of
the whole cracker. Am I right, class? Yes, Madam.

A part of a whole is called _______ (Answers will vary) any volunteer?

A part of a whole is called

What is fraction, class? A part of a whole.


2. Discussion:

This is how you write a piece of
the cracker in fraction.

1 part, divided, shaded, numerator
3 number of equal parts, denominator

Class, what does the numerator
stands for? Part shaded or
divided. What does the denominator stands for?
Number of equal parts

If I draw an object with three equal parts
and only one part is shaded, how will I
write the fraction?

For these two pieces of crackers,
How do you write it in fraction?2

That’s right.
You can also write it this way

2 / 3

The three parts of the cracker, in
fraction, would be what?

I want a volunteer?(Answers may vary)

It is 3 / 3.

-- is also equal to 1, which is the

whole cracker.

Is it clear, class?Yes, Madam.


Now, I want you to have some exercises.

3. Application:

Directions: Color only the shapes that show halves...
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