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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Key Stage 3 Activity: GAMES ACTIVITIES Class: Yr 7 Number of pupils: 21 Title of Unit: Rounders Lesson Number: 2
Lesson Topic: Fielding and batting Date: 7/5/09 Time: 50 min Mark to indicate
Knowledge, Skills & Understanding
Acquiring and developing new skills
Select and apply skills, tactics,ideas
Evaluate and improve performance
Knowledge and understanding of fitness and health
Areas of Activity Key Stage 3:
Pupils should be taught:

to refine and adapt existing skills and develop them into specific techniques that suit different activities and perform these with control use principles to plan and implement strategies, compositional and organisational ideas in individual, pair, group and team activities, modify and develop plans and apply rules and conventions for different activities to be clear about what they want to achieve in their work, what they have actually achieved and to take initiative to analyse their own and others’ work how to prepare for and recover from specific activities, how different types of activity affect different aspects of fitness, the benefits of regular exercise and good hygiene how to go about getting involved in activities that are good for personal and social health and well-being

Games Activities
Pupils should be taught to:

play competitive, invasion, net and striking/fielding games using techniques using appropriate techniques use the principles of attack and defence when planning and implementing complex team strategies respond to changing situations in the game

Learning Outcomes (state what the pupils will know, understand and be able to do at the end of the lesson) •To know where to run as a batter.
To understand the importance of communication when fielding. •To be able to play a game of rounders using a tennis racket.

Action TasksTeaching Method/PointsOrganisationStandards
5 min...
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