Leson Plan for Teaching English as a Second Language

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  • Published : January 2, 2013
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|Title |Theme Words- Activity |Instructor || |Teaching Text |(翰林出版社)Unite 5 We went to Penghu by plane |Class period |20min. | |Ss’ age |Eighth grade |Ss’ Proficiency Level |Beginning ~ Intermediate | |Ss’ Background |Students know the past tense and how to change the form of verb in past tense correctly. | |Teaching Objectives |1. Cognitive Domain: | | |Students will be able to understand new vocabularies. | | |Students will be able to memorize the new vocabularies. | | |2. Psychomotor Domain: | | |Students will be able to recognize the new vocabulary by action. | | |3. Affective Domain: | | |Students will be able to express what activity they want to do. | | |Students will be able to spell the vocabularies correctly. | | |Students will be able to use these vocabularies correctly. | |Language Focus |Go+ V-ing...
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