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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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Clare Yue
Mr. Messer
May 5th, 2013
Setting and Mood Analysis
“The Grass Eaters”, written by Krishnan Varma was about how Swapna and her husband Ajit Babu finally found their stable home---a pipe. The setting of the story was during wartime which made the general mood anxious and worrisome, plus the mood changed rapidly according to different places in the story.

The general setting of the story was during wartime, and the place changed a lot during the story which made the mood anxious and stressed. The circumstance of the couple was shown indirectly in the story, for example, “We had just arrived in Calcutta from East Bengal where Hindus and Muslims were killing one another.” The circumstance of war made readers felt really nervous and anxious because lots of refugees had nowhere to live, and many people died during the war. Also, the complicated environmental situation made Swapan into a woman with complex personalities because she had to figure out how to deal with hardships and made her children survive. The economic situation was also pretty bad at that time because of the rising of the rice price. People had nowhere to live and suffered from poverty and hunger. That made the mood change into pitiful and frustrating. The situation made people into animals that they were killing each other and robbing the stores in order to get their food. Furthermore, the circumstance was during summer time which was shown explicitly, “Swapna with a piece slightly wider to save our few threadbare clothes from further wear and tear.” Summer time made the mood change into a stressed and worried atmosphere. The places in the story were very important elements affecting the mood. At first, Ajit Babu and Swapna lived on a footpath of Chittaranjan Avenue which was full of refugees and residents. It was a terrible place because “where Hindus and Muslims were killing one another.” This made the mood became frightening. Soon the couple decided to move to another place:...
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