Lesson Plan in Language

Topics: Word, Compound, Word formation Pages: 8 (633 words) Published: March 3, 2013
A Detailed Lesson Plan in Language
Grade 1

I. Objectives
At the end of 30-minute period, the pupils should be able to: 1. identify compound words;
2. give compound words.

II. Subject Matter
A. Topic: Compound Words
B. Concept: Compound words are two or more words combined to make a new word. C. Materials: flash cards, pictures
D. Reference:
❖ Heilman, Arthur W. A Proper Perspective of Phonics. pp.122-127

III. Learning Activities

|Teacher’s Activity |Pupil’s Activity | | | | |Introductory Activity | | | | | |Good morning children? |Good morning teacher! | |What do you usually do every morning? |I brush my teeth. | | |I eat breakfast. | | |I comb my hair. | |I would like to tell you what happened to me this morning. | | |I woke up early at 7 in the morning. | | |I went to the washroom and do you know what I saw? |No teacher. | |I saw a tooth and a brush. | | |I close my eyes and I opened my eyes and Pooooooof! It became a toothbrush! | | |So, I brushed my teeth to keep it strong and healthy. | | |I went straight to the kitchen to eat breakfast. | | |Do you know what I saw? | | |I saw a mouse and a trap! | | |Do you know what I got? | | |Yes, a mousetrap. |No. | |I felt sad for the mouse. | | |So, I just turned on the television and do you know what I saw? |A mousetrap. | |I saw a foot and a ball. | | |Do you know what it...
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