Leqadership Self Reflextion

Topics: Leadership, Management, Situational leadership theory Pages: 5 (1808 words) Published: March 25, 2013
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Leadership self reflection|
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Table of Contents
The rings of the tree and temperaments (keirsey)2
Leadership and me3
My new insights to leadership4
Leadership and my experience5
My weakness as a leader6

Leadership is that talent that helps an individual to help one self and others through a crisis situation and attain the goal set set by aligning the direction of his team towards the ultimate goal. It is very important to be aware of the leadership one has in himself/herself to be a better leader and nourish these qualities. These leaders will be able to perform well on 'personal', 'team' and 'organisations' point of view. This essay is the reflection of me as a leader and my thoughts regarding leadership. The rings of the tree and temperaments (keirsey)

As far as the communication angle of my talent is considered I am concrete in nature. I have well formed ideas shaped enough to be imparted to others in a very convincing way. I concentrate on reality, and facts rather than simply conveying news on the basis of mind's eye. But I am sensitive to other peoples change and try sensing a positive or negative energy in a person. In case I find negative energy I tend to sort their situation out by cooperating with them and turning the energy positive. I am also good at converting the the abstract ideas to concrete ones and implementing them if required with greatest dedication. I am cooperative in nature and this makes me friendlier to my colleagues. I am empathetic too and I allot works on the basis of my team members 'like' or 'dislike' and the 'quality of the work' that are offered by them. This helps me to assign the 'right work' for the team member and this helps in maximum productivity and satisfaction from the employees (Keirsey, 1998). In the third ring of being reactive or proactive in nature i.e. directive or informative I am more lenient towards proactive one. This is also one of the advantages of being intuitive. I am capable at directing others to achieve the goals that are set. When it comes to the fourth ring I am more expressive than I am attentive. Among the four temperaments that are there, I belong to the to the guardians category that are concrete and cooperative. I relate myself more to the administrator than to the conservators (Keirsey, 1998). Leadership and me

It is important to analyse oneself as a leader and to be aware of one's strength and weakness to make a better leader. Most effective leaders always invest in their strengths and surround themselves with the right people to maximise their team. They also understand their follower's needs. These are some of the core strengths I have as a leader. I am aware and am appreciative of my leadership skills of communication, mindfulness and empathy. I try on building up my strengths and reducing my weakness through self analysis. Like all the leaders in the world I was also influenced by the other teachers and prominent personalities and am inspired by their leadership styles. I also realise that the leaders made these changes through planning that was implemented on a time plan. I also hope to inspire people around me and make them be appreciative by adapting the most vibrant and preferable style for others. The leaders also influence change by providing direction and chances for continuous improvement. As a leader in my life the number of roles I have played is very limited considering the interpersonal, informational and managerial roles of a leader. I have been a leader, monitor and resource allocator to my team and the roles played on other areas like negotiator, disturbance-handler, entrepreneur, spokesperson, disseminator, liaison and figurehead are very limited and have to be undertaken in the future. I have only worked on an individual and group level of an...
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