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Leadership project

Product Description

The project I chose to demonstrate my leadership on was to go around the Frostburg community picking up recycling and then dumping it in a local landfill. I first chose this project to work on because I thought, how could I help Frostburg and give back to the community? By recycling products and going green, these products can eventually be reprocessed and re-used without having it go to waste. I mainly decided to collect recycling to maintain and keep Frostburg clean and liter free. It establishes a healthy environment for locals, students and staff around the area. Going green and keeping the community environmentally friendly is highly stressed around the world today. Any kind of helpful service regarding recycling is beneficial to the environment and that’s what I planned to do. It is important for me to serve Frostburg by recycling because it isn’t the first time for me. Throughout my early years I have gone around collecting trash and recyclable goods through certain groups such as church camps and other clubs. I learned a lot about why it is important to recycle and ways to do it.

The goals for my project itself were pretty clear. I first wanted to establish a healthy and litter free environment for Frostburg. Second, I wanted to make a statement to students on how easy it is to recycle instead of littering or throwing certain goods away. I wanted my followers to feel the same way as I did so we met up and discussed the goals. I had written down everything we needed to know. By creating team norms, we were able to interact with one another, approach decisions, and solve problems (Lussier, R. & Achua, C. 2010, p. 286). I was responsible for shaping these norms and making sure my team understood the goal and helped them achieve it. We discussed the plan and steps in detail necessary to take, including resources needed. I wanted two streets to be cleaned of recyclables, Bowery St. and Center St. with the Frostburg campus included. The goal was to fill up two trash bags for each location full of cans, bottles, newspaper, etc. My specific goal was to take care of the campus. Each location was to take no more than two hours to complete. I had Antonio my in class follower responsible for cleaning Center St. and Gilbert, my out of class follower in charge of cleaning Bowery St. I decided Sunday was the best day to clean up after Friday and Saturday night. Both followers were ordered to clean the streets and certain properties depending on how much was in the yard. If there was a significant amount of recyclables in the yard, both followers were instructed to ask the residents permission to collect the items. When talking with the residents, I wanted each follower to briefly discuss our current project, why we are doing it and the benefits of recycling. I also wanted my followers to communicate with anyone walking by in a friendly way. Asking them questions like “Do you recycle?” or “Have you ever recycled?” This is to prove a point so that these people won’t litter in the future. The final step of my plan was to take the six bags of recyclables to a drop off site in Frostburg. Gilbert volunteered his car and drove all of us to the site where we dumped them off. Over the last couple of weeks I have seen a significant decrease in the amount of both trash and recyclables. So far I would say my plan has worked. We told as many people as we could about the drop off location and what days Frostburg picks up recycling. Each step of the plan was executed efficiently with only a few problems throughout. We defiantly achieved our goals by picking up all recyclables in the designated locations. After my followers completed their jobs, they reported back to me to discuss how it went. Many people that we talked to did in fact recycle and some even promised to start. When I heard that, I felt our duties were accomplished. My followers and myself continue to talk...
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