Chuck Wright

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  • Published : May 3, 2012
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Chuck Wright: A New Sheriff in Town

Chuck Wright: A New Sheriff in Town

All public positions no matter the jurisdiction come with a great deal of scrutiny that their appointees have to endure and this is no different for the Sheriff of Spartanburg County. Chuck Wright was elected to be the 40th Sheriff of Spartanburg County in 2005 and he put himself in position to managing a large and complex government bureaucracy. The Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Department is a goal directed organization, tasked with protecting the citizens within the County. In today’s modern society leadership in the police force is very important to the existence of the community. There is a belief that “the age of modern leaders is declining” but I believe that Sheriff Chuck Wright is a modern leader (Ages, 2011). I had the pleasure of watching Sheriff at a Town Hall Meeting in Spartanburg County where he addressed the issues that were plaguing the citizens of the county and some of his recent comments that had been in the media. Sheriff Wright stood by his record as a leader in Spartanburg County. He spoke in front of hundreds of people packed into a meeting room to listen to him discuss protections tips, including everything from cutting back bushes around home to carrying guns. In my opinion for someone to be a positive leader they must put the department’s goals ahead of fulfilling his personal needs of achievement. Since, his election in 2005 Sheriff Wright has continually but the department ahead of his own individual goals. Leadership requires that the leader knows exactly the importance of their influence on the outcome of events and is willing and proud to play a role in that process. To be a leader one must possess certain skills and characteristics. One must be confident, a good judge of character, well rounded, mature, “intelligent, honest and self-confident and have exceptional social skills” (Daft, 2010, pp. 19). Sheriff Chuck Wright’s talents were on...
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