Leman Ethic

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Case 1: Leman Ethics

1. Identify and discuss the major issue(s) in the case.

i.Leman’s dilemmas on unusual opportunity vs. ethics of Leman’s organization. ii.Leman’s proposal to make-to-hold arrangement, with result approximately 10% saving.

2. What are the key facts of the case?

i.Perjawa Steel is one of the distributors
ii.There is a luxurious treatment offered by the Perjawa Steel on the trip iii.Perjawa Steel is taking an advantage on the trip by giving the luxurious treatment to the buyers;

3. What is the main problem in the case?

i.The ethical problem is as opposed to the process in determining the best solution for the best operation management.

4. What alternatives should you consider when addressing this problem?

i.Same proposal should be addressed to other distributors.
ii.The balance between the right ethical conduct and the personal interest in that come to conflicting Leman in making wise decision.

5. How would you decide on the issue?

i.The decision making should be based on the economic viability and within the ambit of the best operational management solution. ii.There should be no elements of undue influence on the decision making process or at least to reduce it to the minimum as possible.

6. What other suggestion can you make improving this situation?

i.The representative sent to the trip should be more than one representative in order to have a checked and balance on the report made. ii.Comprehensive report should be made before any decision had been passed.

Case 2: Venus Paper Products Sdn Bhd

In this case study, productivity is measured by assessing productivity of warehouse/delivery personnel. In order to measure productivity, we need to have this information as below:

i.Warehouse total operation hours per day, per week or per month

ii.How many delivery trip...
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