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In a sociology class, one teacher presented the cultural multiplicity that has been displayed over time and space. For instance the role of women in the modern western world is very different from the role of woman in Afghanistan. The culture and the reference point re totally different, and what seems normal in occident is deviant in Afghanistan and vice versa. Many other examples of the same type can be found, and at the end of the class, one could wonder if there is a hierarchy between the cultures or if those are just different but equal ways of functioning for a society. One the other hand, most of my education in France has been focused on what was universal; with sometimes an ethnocentric bias; but the will to find in other cultures similarities with one`s own. As a conclusion, my previous experience in education has mainly been about gathering information about different people and different place without ever trying to hint at what united them, or the human specie as a whole.

When I first started tennis, all I was concerned about was my performance. I wanted to be in the first team, to outperform all my teammates. This led to a very harsh set of relationship between me and most of the other guys I was playing with, but I enjoyed myself in beating them. However, I didn`t become a professional tennis player, and most of the other people I was playing with did not play to win at all cost. Hence it was not fun for me because they didn`t want to play with me anymore. I realised that I did not like so much tennis in itself, but the competition. Hence I started to care about others and tried to play with disadvantages in order to keep the challenge, and let them a chance to win. Now I care for my club much more than I care about my ranking, and I sometime let my teammates win, so that they can improve and have fun.

In my new flat, my microwave was not working. It was frustrating because it worked perfectly before I moved It. I was not very careful...
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