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“How can I improve my English?”
This question bothers most of the students every time!

In this regard, being a regular student and going regularly in class is essential, but it is also equally important to enjoy English activities outside theclassroom. The following are few tips that will definitely help you in improving your English proficiency and to reach the next level!  

You should join an English Conversation group: Check out for some local listings to locate English-speaking groups in your locality.  You can start your own group as well, if there are no groups in your area. Then those English-speaking groups should meet on a regular basis for at least half an hour after school or before lunch. Try your level best to have all the conversations in English language only. Try to practice with the English you have previously learned. By this way you would be able to improve your overall speaking skills.  

You should watch English TV programs, movies or songs: It is the most enjoyable way of improving English proficiency.  By watching TV programs and movies; you can easily improve your listening skills and get to know more about the society and culture of English speaking countries. If you have a video player then pause it after every few minutes and summarize what you see and listen. You can also listen to your favorite English song and try to summarize the song to help with comprehension.  

You should listen to English books on CD: Nowadays, many best sellers and popular books are available on audio CDs and DVDs. Simply put the CD on your MP3 player and listen while walking or travelling.  

You should listen to the Radio: I am sure that in every country there are English language broadcasts. Find out those English radio stations in your area and actively listen to its broadcasts.  
You Should Read English Books: The best way to improve your English proficiency is to read English books and Novels. English books are very helpful in visualizing authentic vocabulary and grammar. Begin by reading the chapters and underlining the words you do not understand. Then, after you get finished with your reading, go back and look up for those unknown words in the dictionary. Always remember that reading on regular basis can help in understanding the culture of English-speaking countries.  

You should read Magazines and Newspapers: Reading magazines and newspapers on regular basis is a good and very helpful habit which every student should take up. Reading magazines helps in learning contemporary phrases and expressions. Moreover, these are more exciting to read because it focuses on various interesting categories such as fashion, food, or sports. Reading newspapers helps a lot in keeping you up to date with all the events that are happening in the country and around the world. Times of India, Hindu and Hindustan Times are good English newspapers to read. Try reading the top stories and then summarizing it for practice.  

Go Online: Internet is full of resources which can help you a lot in improving your English proficiency. Search for an online material as per your interest. Search for a topic you are most interested in and then read about it. Whatever your interest, you just need to do a search and look at good English websites.  

You should keep an English Notebook or Diary: Have a notebook or a diary reserved only for English writing. Make it a habit everyday to write for at least 15 minutes. English notebooks are good to help improve your vocabulary and to keep a list of expressions that you would like to use.   

Now that you have read helpful 8 tips to improve English proficiency, decide which method you like best.  Start with the best one and try different methods every week for few months. With these methods you will surely be able to improve your English with fun and enjoyable methods.

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