Factors That Affect the Communication Skills of Criminology Students

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Communication is the art of conversation between two or more persons by means of speaking, writing or using a common system of signs or expression. It requires training and experience to communicate well with other people. On the other hand, the act of communication involves verbal, non- verbal and para- verbal components where these components refer to the content of the message conveyed, the choice and arrangement of words, the message sent through body language and the tone, pacing and voice volume. In legal term, communication is vital in achieving the goal of voluntary compliance with the law. Criminal justice and criminology workers must be able to articulate this action and reasoning to the public in order to exhibit support.

In other words, communication attached to every person’s character is considered as our personality, especially in writing which is one of the most fundamental abilities that a person must develop in order to be successful in his chosen career. A person’s ability to communicate is exhibited in the way he or she writes reports for future presentation to persons who are superior in position.

According to Michael Lee, there are factors that help to develop good communicative skills in English and these include the love of reading books. This if developed helps a person to learn the English language better and helps him construct better sentences and paragraphs essential in future career. Another is the initiative to start writing articles, journals, essays, poems and diary. This helps

develop and practice more the writing or communicative skills of a person. The last is one’s gaining the guts to work out there, a lot of people fear to be criticized by others, publishing one’s works is one of the best ways of learning to develop communicative skills. Criticism plays a vital role in the learning and improvement of the skill.

Alarmed by realities in scenarios where law enforcers are often times criticized due to poor communicative skills, the researchers are motivated to undertake this study with the desire to unlock the factors that affect the communicative skills of criminology students and the dream to see promising graduates who could assert that they could compete with the challenges in their future career due to their expertise in communicating brilliant ideas with people in and out of their work fields.

It is hope further that this study would help not only criminology students to persevere in enhancing their communicative skills and discover the fulfillment that eloquence brings as a gift to those who learn by heart the art of communication. Statement of the Problem

This study aims to assess the factors affecting the English Communicative Skills of Criminology students at Metropolitan College of Science and Technology. Specifically; it will answer the following questions: 1.Personal Profile

2.Factors affecting the behavior towards English subject in terms of: a.Personal
Conceptual Framework
Figure 1 portrays the basic framework of the study. A paradigm which works on Input, Process and Output Scheme of the Factors Affecting the Communicative skills of Criminology Students at Metropolitan College of Science and Technology. The Input comprises the data which includes: 1. Personal Information; 2. Factors affecting the behavior towards English subject in terms of: a. Personal; b. Classroom; c. Teacher; d. Subject. Analyses of the inputs are made to have accurate results.

Output would be the assessment of the Factors Affecting the Communicative skills of Criminology Students at Metropolitan College of Science and Technology.


Figure 1: Paradigm of the Study

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