Technique to Improve Reding Skills and Reading Comprehension

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Reading is an important part of learning English. This guide to how to improve your reading skills will help you improve reading by using skills you use in your own language. In other words, one of the best tips on improving reading is to think about how you read in your own language. Start by thinking about how you read different documents. How do you read the newspaper? How do you read novels? How do you read train schedules? and so on. Taking time to think about this will help give you clues on how to read in English - even if you don't understand every single word. Ask yourself this question: Do I read every word in your own language when I am reading a schedule, summary, or other outlining document? The answer is most definitely: No! Reading in English is like reading in your native language. This means that it is not always necessary to read and understand each and every word in English. Remember that reading skills in your native language and English are basically the same. Here is a quick overview of the four types of reading skills used in every language: Skimming - used to understand the "gist" or main idea Scanning - used to find a particular piece of information Extensive reading - used for pleasure and general understanding Intensive reading - accurate reading for detailed understanding You can use these reading skills in a number of ways to improve other areas of English learning such as pronunciation, grammar and increasing vocabulary. There are many method and technique that can help you to improve your reading skills and also your reading comprehension. That method and technique are SQ3R, PQRTS, and KWL. 1. SQ3R

SQ3R is a reading technique developed by Francis P. Robinson of Ohio State University United States. This technique is practical and can be applied in a variety of learning approaches. SQ3R stands in principle measures studied texts or books that consist of: (1) Survey, (2) Question, (3) Read and (4) Recite, and (5) Review. With reference to the idea Muhibbin Shah (2003), the following will be described briefly the steps this reading technique. 1. Survey

That is the process of preparing to read at a glance by looking at the book from the main titles, subtitles, cover the back of the book which describes briefly the topics discussed, the introduction of the author, and the table of contents. The next process stage of the Survey is to quickly open the pages and pay attention to the title of the chapter, the chapter subtitles, special words in bold or italic, tables, images, trying to get an idea of the book. Successful Survey will produce a general idea of the book as well as creating a strong interest to understand. This is an important capital to assist in the rapid reading of the book as a whole as well as ensuring a high level of understanding of the book.

In the first step an analysis is cursory glimpse of the entire structure of the text. The goal is to determine the length of the text, section headings (headings), headings subsections (sub-headings), terms, keywords, key phrases, and other things deemed important in the writing, in order to obtain a general overview of the contents of the contained in a book or text. In conducting the survey, it is recommended to prepare a pencil, paper, and equipment makers such characteristics highlighter (yellow, green and so on) to mark certain parts. The important parts will be used as the material questions that need to be marked to facilitate the process of preparing a list of questions that will be performed in the second step.

2. Questioning
The second step is a set of questions that is clear, concise, and revelan with parts of the text that has been marked in the first step. The number of questions depends on the length of the text, and the ability to understand the text being studied. If the text being studied contain things that have previously been known, might just...
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