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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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1.1 Compare Different Learning Styles

Mumford Learning Style
By Peter Honey and Alan Mumford suggests that we might usefully consider 4 basic "learning styles": Activist - Pragmatist - Theorist - Reflector.

Activists involve themselves fully and without bias in new experiences. They enjoy the "here and now" and are happy to be dominated by immediate experiences. They are open-minded, not sceptical, and this tends to make them enthusiastic about anything new.

Pragmatists are keen on trying out new ideas, theories and techniques to see if they work in practice. They positively search out new ideas and take the first opportunity to experiment with applications.

Theorists adapt and integrate observations into complex but logically sound theories. They think through problems in a logical, step-by-step fashion.

Reflectors like to stand back to consider experiences and observe them from many different perspectives.

Kolb learning styles
Here are brief descriptions of the four Kolb learning styles:

Diverging (feeling and watching) 
These people are able to look at things from different perspectives. They prefer to watch rather than do, tending to gather information and use imagination to solve problems.

Assimilating (watching and thinking)
Ideas and concepts are more important than people. People with an Assimilating learning style are less focused on people and more interested in ideas and abstract concepts. These learning style people is important for effectiveness in information and science careers

Converging (doing and thinking)
People with a Converging learning style can solve problems and will use their learning to find solutions to practical issues. They prefer technical tasks, and are less concerned with people and interpersonal aspects.

Accommodating (doing and feeling) 
The Accommodating learning style is relies on intuition rather than logic. These people use other people's analysis, and prefer to take a practical,...
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