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Topics: Learning styles, Quality assurance, Assessment Pages: 7 (2251 words) Published: February 17, 2013
Understanding the principles and practices of assessment
1. Explain the functions of assessment in learning and development In learning and development there are many functions that can be followed by the learning cycle.
Firstly you need to know the learners preferred learning style to be able to promote their learning. There are many different learning styles such as Honey & Mumford, VAK. VAK:-
Visual, learners learn better through visual methods and being shown demonstrations. Auditory, when the learner learns better when given an instruction and being told what to do. Kinaesthetic, these learners learn better through hands on activities. Honey & Mumford:-

Honey & Mumford got four learning outcomes, Activist, Reflector, Pragmatist and Theorist. Activists are very open minded and enthusiastic about doing new this, they are always looking for something new to do next. They involve themselves fully and tackle any problems after they activity. A reflector likes to stand back, collect data and observe other people, they postpone their conclusions for as long as possible. Theorists like to think their problems through step by step and in a logical way as they like to be perfectionist and tend not to rest is it is not done in a tidy way. Pragmatists are keen and positive people and are full of new ideas. They like to put the idea into practice to see if they ideas and theories work this make them impatient people. The learner can also complete a personal development plan during supervision or appraisals with their manager. When finding out the individual learning outcome you would plan, deliver and assess based around their preferred learning. 2. Define the key concept and principles of assessment

When assessing there are many points that you have to follow step by step in order to deliver the assessment correctly. Here is the assessment cycle:-

When assessing the most important stage is planning. At this stage you will identify the type of information used in the evidence that the learner has given you to complete the unit. When the leaner goes off to complete their work they should be able to use this plan as guidance when assessor is absent. When the learner has attending their appointment with the assessor and handed them work this is where the assessor assesses their work and gives them feedback. The plan should be reviewed regularly to make sure that the comments reflect back on the evidence gathered by the learner. It is to be made sure that the learner had full involvement when writing up the plan and review and should both agree on the evidence gathered to meet the criteria. 3. Explain the responsibilities of the assessor

First of all it is to be made sure that you do not compare learner to one another because some learner learn in different way and at different paces. The responsibilities for the assessor is making sure that they concentrate on the needs of the standards. When you meet up with the learner and they have given you their evidence on a unit that was set, the assessor is to make sure and check that the evidence that is given is correct in order to meet the standards. Once you have checked through the evidence, you then have to ensure that you give them feedback on the piece of work that they produced. Then you will write up a review where you will write about the learners achievement and what you are planning to do next. When doing this the assessor must make sure that the learner has full involvement with the comment and agrees with what you are saying. You must use different assessment methods to show the reliability of the evidence shown. The assessor should also guide the candidate towards success, observe their performance, and keep a record of their achievement. If there are any concerns that have been picked upon in the evidence then the assessor must report it back to the internal verifier. You must make sure that you complete all relevant assessment forms....
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