Learning Spoken English

Topics: Control theory, English language, Feedback Pages: 47 (16130 words) Published: November 22, 2011
. . . in half the time
by Lynn Lundquist

Learning Spoken English
...in half the time

by Lynn Lundquist

Publisher information

Public Domain. This book (Learning Spoken English) may be freely published in English or translated into any other language. It may be sold or distributed in any manner (including website publication) without permission from, or royalty payments to, the original author. It may carry any publisher's, translator's, or author's name and copyright as long as other publishers outside of the original country of publication can publish their own edition. The book's title may be changed at the publisher's discretion. The book's dual purpose is first, to help those wanting to learn English become more successful in that endeavor, and secondly, to be an effective advertising medium for Spoken English Learned Quickly as distributed by www.FreeEnglishNow.com. As such, our only requirement is that: 1) the English text of the numbered chapters be published as supplied (however, the book's title, cover, and the content of the front material including the introduction may be altered at the discretion of the publisher), 2) any translation be a true translation of the English text, and 3) the names Spoken English Learned Quickly and www.FreeEnglishNow.com be prominently displayed in the text. Any one of three texts available on the www.FreeEnglishNow.com website may be used: the HTML texts by copying the VIEW SOURCE files, the PDF file, or the Microsoft Word files. The graphics file (included with the Microsoft Word files) may be used as is or may be redrawn provided that the intent of the individual graphic remain unchanged.

For greater interest and sales, we recommend that Learning Spoken English be published using both the translated language and English. The translated language should be emphasized as the primary language with the translated book title in larger font on the cover and each page occupying the left-hand page. English should be the secondary language with the book title in smaller font and each English page occupying the right-hand page. See the example on www.FreeEnglishNow.com/lsebrazil.pdf. We also suggest that a CD of the entire course be included with the book. See www.FreeEnglishNow.com/help14.html.

Introduction Chapter 1: Teaching Your Tongue to Speak English . . . . . 1

Chapter 2: Four Rules for Learning Spoken English . . . . . 12 Chapter 3: Grammar and Writing in Spoken English Study Chapter 4: Do You Need Beginning and Advanced Lessons? 17 21

Chapter 5: Selecting a Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 Chapter 6: Studying the English Verb . . . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Chapter 7: Success in Spoken English Study . . . . . . . . . 43

You have an opportunity for a better paying job, but you need to improve your English before you can apply. Or, you want to enroll in a university in the United States, but your English is not good enough yet. You have already taken English classes for two years in secondary school. Maybe you have studied more English at the university. You know English grammar and can write, but you need to learn how to speak English. And you need to improve your spoken English very quickly. This book will tell you how to retrain your mind—and your tongue—in order to learn fluent spoken English. With the information from this book, you can learn to speak English in half of the time it normally takes. Throughout this book, I will emphasize spoken English. Chapter 1: Teaching Your Tongue to Speak English explains the concept on which this Spoken English Learned Quickly method is built. The remaining chapters tell you how to apply that information as you learn to speak English fluently. I wish you the best of success as you study spoken English.

Chapter 1: Teaching Your Tongue to Speak English
Chapter Summary: Speech is controlled in your mind by feedback from your hearing and mouth position...
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