How to Speak Good English

Topics: English language, Second language, Linguistics Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: March 17, 2013
A calm and pleasant afternoon to everybody present here. I’m R.M.Sanjana and I’m here to give an oral presentation on “How to speak good English”. First of all, I’d like to tell you that, being able to speak a language is in no way related to how smart you are. Anyone can learn how to speak any language. This is a proven fact around the world. Well, everyone can speak at least one language. Whether you are intelligent, or lacking some brain power, you are able to speak one language perfectly isn’t it? So why not add up another good language in that list? Speaking good English has been achieved by being around that language at all times. In our country, we hear and speak our native language constantly. You will notice that many people who are good English speakers are the ones who studied in an English speaking school. They can speak English not because they went to an English speaking school, but because they had an environment where they can be around English speaking people constantly. So the first thing we need to remember is that, we need an atmosphere for that. The absolute best way to learn English is to get ourselves surrounded by English speakers. There’re lots of ways for this which I’ll be conveying to you in a few minutes. The next thing we need to remember is to "Speak without fear and have confidence". The biggest problem many people face in learning a new language is their own fear. They worry a lot about whether they're saying things correctly or not. They're also bothered that they'll look stupid if they don't talk at all. That's why most people resent speaking on stage. So, here are some four golden rules I framed up all by myself to be a good English speaker: 1) Don’t study grammar too much:

Yes, DON’T study grammar too much. This rule might sound strange to many ESL (English as Second Language students), but it is one of the most important rules. If you want to pass examinations, then study grammar. However, if...
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