Ways to Learn Speak English

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Ways to Learn Speak English
We can speak English confident if we native language is another than English, because we live in a homogeneous country, where the diversity of races abound, thereby dialect, ways of thinking, living and acting, but in this country the universal language is English, spoken different accents, so if we aren’t native north American there are several ways to learn speak English, for example, the practicing, living with other people who speak native English, learn and study English sentences, and watching television. We can practice the language listening our favorite music in English, so we can hear a song several time, playing attention and repeating again and again singing the melody to memory, what matters is that you try to get the words, sing it loud and rhythm, on YouTube you can find your favorite song with lyrics in English, this will facilitate our pronunciation. When we live with native English speaks, we have the opportunity to repeat the word that we do not understand or find another way to explain what we want to communicate, this do not happen when we hear music, so we have the opportunity to enrich both our accent and our vocabulary finding synonyms o different words for same meaning, reproduce and repeating. Additionally, if we know different words we can make sentences. This will help that must practice with our friends native English speaking these phrases every day, so when we come to know many sentences almost that we could speak English fluently. Finally, we can learn speak English comfortably when we watch a favorite movie, so we Liliana2

have the opportunity to pay attention to intonation and return the movie and repeat a phrase or complete sentences, this is a wonderful idea, we can also choose some favorite series and try to listen understand and then, try to tell the story in our own words. In conclusion, the reliability in the English language is growing as it is practiced, in some...
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