Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes Essay
COMM 1020

“ Now is a fascinating time for human communication. The field of interpersonal communication is evolving as new channels for communication develop.”(O’Hair Wiemann V) Not only is interpersonal communication fascinating, but interpersonal communication is teaching us various learning outcomes. We are learning to communicate better, learning to engage others in action, and learning to think critically and constructively. Many of these learning outcomes have been achieved and can be transferred to and enrich your everyday life.

One of the very first learning outcomes that we learned about was communication. Communication is the process by which individuals use symbols, signs, and behaviors to exchange information. Today, there are many new ways to communicate with one and other. For example, text messaging has become an extremely easy way to communicate with others. Not like a phone call where you can reject it but, a text message cannot be ignored. Communication can both be done by writing or presenting. When writing you need to communicate clearly and effectively to an identified audience. When presenting you speak, show, demonstrates, exhibit, or perform for an individual or group. An effective presentation should use non-verbal forms of communication and may employ a variety of media. Communication is extremely important in everyday life. In class we did both, We communicated through writing an essay, and we did both group and individual presentations,

Another learning outcomes that we learned was Learning to engage others in action. In class we were assigned a group to work with to make a PowerPoint, outline, and presentation. In the group we engaged in a shared effort, understanding others’ points of view, exchanging of ideas, and compromise. We also had to choose a leader for the group. They were chosen to guide our group to achieve our goals, learning to engage others in action is very important...
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