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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Communication, Strategic Communication Pages: 4 (550 words) Published: December 1, 2012
Week Three Student Guide

This week, students are introduced to the importance of the audience to any communication. Chapter 9 of Communicating in the Workplace provides the basics of analyzing the audience and important questions to ask during the process.

Creating effective communication often entails preparation and planning, and may also entail a collaborative team effort, all of which are part of chapters 10, 11, and 13 of Communicating in the Workplace. Presentations, in particular, benefit by preparing outlines, review, and revision, including visual and verbal support. Choosing an appropriate communication channel is an aid to effective communication including awareness and sensitivity to the audience.

Putting these concepts into practice helps to develop proficiency. Analyzing and considering the needs and receptivity of the audience, along with the communication channel, identifies some of the work involved in creating effective messages

Creating Communication

OBJECTIVE: Analyze the needs and receptivity of the audience.

Resources: Ch. 6 & 9 of Communicating in the Workplace


• Ch. 6: Interpersonal Relationship Skills of Communicating in the Workplace

o Interpersonal Relationships Are Important family, friends, co-workers/ intimate to casual/ communication is a key element. o Supporting and Defensive Relationships supportive-messages to explain feelings. Defensive- messages that judge, blame or criticize. o Developing an Assertive Style

o Four-Part Assertion Messages

• Behavior descriptions
• Feeling messages
• Consequence statements
• Request statements

o Sending Four-Part Assertion Messages

• Ch. 9: Preparing the Informative Presentation of Communicating in the Workplace

o Informative Presentations Are Important
o Types of Informative Presentations

• Tools/mechanisms used to accomplish work
• Processes or procedures...
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