Week One Journal

Topics: Communication, Interpersonal communication, Message Pages: 4 (1428 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Week One Journal
Alicia Campbell
COM 320
March-Eleventh, 2013
Sheila Yarbrough

Week One Journal
This is the start of a long journey in learning to enhance my interpersonal communication skills. I know there is much in store to learn and I plan to take full advantage of the ideas to help me succeed. There are many elements in the communication realm and I never would have thought that they fit somewhere in my life; however, I learned differently. I experience source-receiver every day when I talk to my husband about his day at work or just playing with my boys. Encoding-decoding is done daily as well when I instruct my four-year-old to complete a task and I know when he completes it, he has decoded what I instructed him to do. I experience competence every day as well in the form of communication I use with my husband vs. my children. When I put myself together to go out because I want to look presentable to others, I am giving them the message that I care about how I look because I want to make a good first impression. When I am on Facebook daily; I am channeling my friends and family when I post messages for them to read. Context comes in my free time, when I have a chance to glimpse through a magazine; I will most likely read cover articles than any of the others. This is a physical dimension of context. My youngest son sees the Dr. monthly, and she uses doctor jargon, which is difficult to comprehend which is a form of noise. I learned ethics from a very young age; I was taught to respect my elders, talk politely, and listen. I realize all these elements incorporate in my life somehow I will take them into account more often. By taking the quiz in chapter one, I learned I do not know much about my interpersonal communication skills. I did not realize that all of the answers were supposed to be false because I answered some true. Most of these statements were generally false; however because each of these statements is a learned skill because...
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