Learning Can Occur Anywhere

Topics: Education, Learning, School Pages: 3 (490 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Some people think that schools teach everything they need for their

future and they can only learn that in schools. But I agree with the saying “learning

can occur anywhere”. There are still some things people learn outside of schools.

People can gain general knowledge from books and media, can learn how to make

things they want to do from the experts, and can distinguish what is good or bad for

In schools, only the related information about subjects is learnt. In my

experience, when I read a passage about a war in the textbook, I know only about

what happen in the war and the leader of the war but when I read a book of a person

who was fighting in that war, I can know details and feel from another perceptive.

And sometimes, people have to get touch with media to know update news that

schools do not teach. If I want to know about the update weather and different kinds

of news; sports, entertainments, and so on, I cannot look up in the textbooks; I have to

read the newspapers or watch televisions. Thus, outside of schools, people can know

more and get more knowledge.

In subjects school teach, people cannot learn exact work about making

something. For example, I like cooking but I cannot learn it at school; I can only

learn the ingredients to make a meal. But when I learn from my mom, I can actually

try it on my own; can know the different amount of items to add in different kinds

of curries and proper amount of temperature. Furthermore, I could earn my living by

cooking in my own restaurant or in hotels as a chef. So that, If I have an ambition to

learn something I am interested but cannot learn it at schools, I can still learn it or get

experience from people from outside.

In schools, I cannot learn how to communicate with other people

and what kinds of behaviors are good and bad but I can learn it outside of schools;

can learn it from my parents and from seeing other peoples’ behaviors. I...
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