Lord of the Flies

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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What are goals? Are they just plans that you make yourself for the future? Or are they a list of what you hope to accomplish in life? Well me personally, I believe my goals are challenges I set for myself to hopefully overcome throughout my life so that I can become something more.

There is a lot of career options out there that where recommended to me but many different people. But ever since I was a little boy there was always one thing I wanted to be… a Chef. I love to cook, so it’s no surprise that when I got to high school I looked for different ways I can get into Culinary Arts, and be active so I can actually learn the fundamentals of it, instead of just cooking at my house. There is really no training I could take before I got to high school because simply I’m too young for them to even trust me with the equipment that is needed to perform the tasks. Even when I got up to high school the school still don’t trust freshman with that kind of responsibility until they are sophomores. So like I’ve been doing my whole life, I had to wait. But I did everything I could in the last year to make sure I was ready for the class next year. I mean I guess what I’m trying to say is I have always wanted to be a Chef my whole life. I also looked into one and only one other career besides culinary arts and that would have to be the Armed Forces. It’s something else that I haven’t wanted to be in the army since I was little but it’s something I thought about for my back up plan in case I don’t make it as a Culinarian.

There is a lot of ways I can get to being a Chef in my life and for me personally I think I have found mine so that I can hopefully get a scholarship. Right now I am currently taking a culinary arts class that is teaching me the basics but I also joined Skills US, a club that you get to go compete for scholarships. But my plan is to take this year in the class I am in and next year takes Culinary Arts at the Career Center and the year after that advanced...
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