Leadership That Gets Results

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Reflection – Leadership That Gets Results
The first comment before the article starts is vastly important. Most effective leaders use a variety of leadership styles in order to achieve maximum performance from organizations, teams, and individuals. The ability to act as a chameleon as a leader has huge benefits and allows you to tackle many different types of leadership situations. In order to achieve the best results a leader must be able to use many different leadership styles to accomplish their organizations goals.

The six basic styles of leadership presented (Coercive, Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic, and Coaching) can have either a net positive or net negative affect on an organizations climate. The basis for being able to use and understand the different leadership styles arise from one’s Emotional Intelligence. Understanding your own emotional intelligence (EI) is the key and foundation to understanding and becoming a better leader. The more you understand about your EI’s strengths and weaknesses the better you will be able to adapt and apply one of the author’s six leadership styles. It is important to note that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to use each leadership style. The two leadership styles that have negative effects on an organization are Coercive and Pace setting. I for one was surprised by the pacesetting outcome as I’m probably guilty of using that technique more than I should in previous organizations. I always want to do things better and faster and that probably has had a negative effect on people I’ve worked with. Of course one of the goals of this article is to get you to understand the different techniques and be able to apply them in your own life. I think reading this has helped me gain a better understanding of how I’ve led in the past and how I can work to become better at using and adjusting to other techniques.

The four positive leadership styles are Authoritative, Affiliative, Democratic,...
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