Ilm M3.10 Introduction to Leadership

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ILM Award in First Line Management

Unit M3.10

Introduction to Leadership

Candidate number..... PHI12808517

Centre number..... 068860

Candidate.... Andrew Phillips

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PHI12808517 ILM Award in first Line Management Unit M3.10 Centre Number 068860

I have worked for the past twenty five years as an employee of a small Engineering company, firstly as a machinist before being promoted after two years to workshop foreman. We provide many large and small companies in the South Wales area with a manufacturing and service facility and we do so to exacting technical, quality and time constraints. My job has evolved over many years to what is now classed as works manager, this entails all things from customer liaison to work quotation and workshop and workforce management. I am rapidly approaching my 50th birthday and have decided to enlighten myself with some Leadership / management training.

Leadership Styles
There are many types of leadership styles, but based on Tannebaum and schmidt models, I will discuss the four major types, all provide a different way of implementing plans and motivating people, there are many different factors involved in making a decision on a leadership style, what I will describe in the following will form part of my decision making as to which leadership style I would undertake in different circumstances.

Autocratic leadership being the least popular when it comes to building trust and creating a team bond. Within an autocratic leadership, a single person has control over the whole team and has complete control over all decisions made with no one from the team allowed to contribute any ideas or make any decisions.

Autocratic leadership has benefits in some circumstances where a leader needs to take sole control of a situation with no one causing any distractions from the task in hand to enable the quick and efficient completion of said task.

Persuasive leadership is used to convince the team, through argument, selling techniques, reasoning and other persuasive methods that what the leader wants is actually the best way forward to combat the issues at hand and to enable the completion of the task at hand. Persuasive leaders will use rewards such as early finish or bonus payment to try and motivate team members to do as their leader asks, this is risky as it will cause lack of team work with individual team members becoming competitive and consequently cause rushing and the inevitable mistakes.

Democratic leadership is a very open style with the team asked for ideas and discussions with those ideas then thrown open to the group with everybody given a say on their opinion, the leader then evaluates all the ideas taking into consideration the teams feelings before making a decision based on them, under this leadership style the team feels involved, which in turn boosts performance and self esteem. This leadership style is most useful when the team has sufficient skills and competence to make a contribution but where the leader feels a need to retain control.

Consultative leadership is where the manager engages the team effectively in the decision making and problem solving process, this style endorses the concept of empowerment. Communication is generally downward to the team, but feedback to the leader is encouraged to maintain morale, giving team member’s confidence. This style focuses on using the skills, experiences, and ideas of others. However, the leader or manager using this style still retains the final decision-making power and the responsibility for the project.

page 2 PHI12808517 ILM Award in first Line Management Unit M3.10 Centre Number 068860

Having worked in the same company for the past twenty five years and in a leadership position for twenty three of those I have seen my...
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