Pacesetting Leadership

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Pacesetting Leadership
One of the six leadership styles that Daniel Goleman described in his theory of emotional intelligence was the pacesetting leadership style. While each of the six leadership styles has its role in today's workplace, pacesetting leadership is one of those styles that should be used sparingly. Attributes of Pacesetting Leaders

The phrase that best describes the operating mode of the pacesetting leader is: "Do as I do, now." That's because the pacesetting leadership style is one that involves a drive to achieve initiatives, and a drive to achieve results. The pacesetting leader sets both high standards for themselves and those they are leading. One of the key attributes of a pacesetting leader is that they lead by example. They don't ask their followers to do anything they wouldn't do themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone shares the same motivating forces as the pacesetting leader. Pacesetting leaders are also quick to identify individuals that are not keeping pace with their expectations. Poor performers are asked to rise to the occasion, and if they do not, then they are quickly replaced. Pacesetters don't give employees a lot of positive feedback; they simply don't have the time. On the flip side, these leaders have no problem jumping right in and taking over if they think the pace of progress is too slow. Pros and Cons of the Pacesetting Leadership Style

Clearly one of the pros of the pacesetting leadership style is they are able to quickly achieve business results. In the short term, you're going to have a high-energy group with outstanding performance in terms of accomplishing tasks as well as the quality of the work itself. On the down side, the pacesetting style has a negative effect on the work environment. In fact, only the coercive leadership style has a greater negative effect on people. Often employees are simply overwhelmed by the speed and the demands placed upon them, resulting in morale that quickly...
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