Ldr 531 My Leadership Style

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My Leadership style
Osamede Tony Igodan
February 24, 2012
Suzanne Dunham

My Leadership style Leaders are some of the most influential individuals in any society. They have the ability to influence those around them with various leadership styles including coercive, authoritative, affiliative, democratic, pacesetting, and coaching. Effective leaders consistently adapt to the environment around them to either enhance or correct any situation facing them. Within these leadership styles the most effective style has been considered that of the authoritative style. This style brings individuals together, builds self-confidence, and easily adapts to the environment around it. A significant element of a leader’s effectiveness is choosing the correct style that fits the

Situation presented at that time. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly have

A failed style used in most situations. It's like having one shirt or a single dress, that's worn
every day morning, noon and night. Definitely, a lot of us would agree that having only one set

of clothes is unreasonable. But then, so is having only one type of leadership style.

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of idea as. Dr. Linus Pauling(“Two times

winner of the Nobel Price winner”)

Most political leaders and organization leaders succeed when they apply the best leadership

method that fits the people they are serving, president Barack Obama is popularly known to be a

charismatic leader, who applied different forms of leadership like transformational leadership

style, cross-cultural leadership style and contingency style of leadership.
President Barack Obama got the attention of foreigners and American's alike due to his

Charismatic nature he started by applying the transformational leadership style, and as a

Charismatic leader has the ability to draw others to his side and move them to accomplish a

Cause bigger than themselves. Obviously a charismatic approach is transformational if it invokes

A permanent change in the people who accept the leader's vision. President Obama has wooed

Many people to his vision which has the potential and zeal to make a huge difference in both

Domestic and foreign affairs.

In the first six months on the job president Barack Obama, travelled abroad more than any other

President Obama formulated a more cross-cultural approach to the whole world thinking not

Only to the u.s and also paying attention to cultural norms in places where he travelled.
He also applied contingency leadership style not only has Obama been culturally sensitive but
Also transformational these, method of leadership helped him to respond to various situations
Using different types of leadership models

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart who are successful business people and also leaders of their

Organization practice the autocratic leadership style, is probably one of the most unpopular of

All the leadership styles. This type of leadership style, users dictates what their employees are to do

and also dictates exactly how they do it. This type of leadership style might seem strange to

some organization but works better for another organization. But with that being said there are

still leaders out there who prefer this particular style.

My leadership style

Under the Level five Hierarchy by Jin Collins, level one states that “a highly capable individual

makes productive contributions through talent, knowledge skills and good work habits” which

makes me strongly agree that your personality determines the type of leader you would be.

Understanding yourself makes you recognize the best role that fits you in your company.

Crown aviation services is a contracting company for major airlines, like AirTran, and southwest

Airline they are known for their remarkable service. Since...
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