Leadership Lessons from Film, The Dirty Dozen

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  • Published : May 26, 2012
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In the next paragraphs we are going to examine the Leadership lessons derived from the film “THE DIRTY DOZEN” based on the LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE book by Kouzes and Posner and the Leadership model and theory they establish through their analysis. According to their model there are specific steps/functions which constitute the process of establishing an effective leadership. The first step is to model the way: you need to do exactly what you are saying you are going to do and be a moving example of what you preach. Be able to show empathy, put yourself under the difficulties that you ask the others to go through. Provide efficient directions, evaluation, clear-cut procedures and mechanisms of control. Lay down and clarify the significance of priorities and the plan that would make feasible and attainable your direction and target to be achieved. The second step is to inspire a shared vision that everybody will subscribe upon: create a system of values and motivations of the participants based and reflected through the actions of the past and the common experience of the team. Create the vision by allowing everybody to include his own thoughts or personal story and then make it specific and more concrete by forming a descriptive / motivational statement. Be clear of the path you are following and try not to lose track and consistency. Be able to be an effective listener and enrich your own thoughts by the smartness of the people that surround you. Make sure that your team of people has ascribed to your own vision and dream and have made it part of their own personal stories. In other words, be sure that they have been convinced to place your dream / vision / target at the top of their hierarchy of needs and that they are planning the way they can fit it in their lives. The third step is to challenge the process: this perhaps takes more of stamina to succeed because it pre-supposes that the leader has both the intellectual strength, but also the energy to question the current condition of things. This means that he has to be absolutely convinced about his vision to the extent that he will demolish any obstacles and would establish it on top of previous given situations and conditions. The leader has to be innovative and open to new ideas and be ready and willing to assume risks that would advance the efficiency and success of his lead and guidance. “Outside the box thinking” and the ability of evaluation and critical judgment of the process is essential. The fourth step is the ability to enable others to act accordingly: you have to be able to energize the others, defuse to them and share with them the motivation of materializing the vision and form a strong team spirit. The leader has to elevate the others, give them role, responsibility and influence through independent action and autonomy of acting within the team borders. Finally, he has to being able to constitute to them the mentality of a living, developmental, evolving, learning organization. The fifth step is to encourage the heart: this means to be able to celebrate success and distribute rewards in a balanced and fair way, to instill to the followers the passion that you hold for the job or the vision you formed and make them “joy the ride”. The leader must coach the others by being clear about strengths and weaknesses and be there for them when they need you. The leader should build a relationship of trust with the followers and must be seen as a reliable presence in all cases. In this way he would cultivate a spirit of honesty and confidence among the team. Effort should be acknowledged and not only performance. Jack Welch has made his own practical contribution in his consideration / account of charismatic and transformational leadership management. The summary of his proposed leadership practice is based on the so called four Es: 1) having energy, 2) having the ability to energize others, 3) having edge...
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